Cannot load pcap file in the Virtual Box image
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Author:  randall [ Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Cannot load pcap file in the Virtual Box image


I'm trying to learn how to use Xplico (which, by the way, looks impressive).
I've download and started the Virtual Box image on which Xplico 0.5.2 is pre-installed.
I've also started the browser, created a new case and session, and I've tried to upload
one of my pcap files captured with Wireshark, and saved as Wireshark/tcpdump .pcap file.
However, when I click on the "upload" button of the web interface, on top of the window
immediately after I see "File uploaded, wait start decoding ...", but nothing else happens.
After a little while, I try to list all the pcap files by clicking on "List of all pcap files", but the
shown list is totally empty.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Thanks in advance,

-- Randall

Author:  carlos.gacimartin [ Mon Dec 07, 2009 7:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Cannot load pcap file in the Virtual Box image

you're doing it rigth, but it is necessary one final step: run as root /opt/xplico/scripts/sqlite_demo.sh and refresh the web after uploading the pcap (in 0.54 it is fixed). Then you will be able to decode data. Anyway, i suggest you to download the 0.53 version, it will be easier for you (and 0.54 will be released probably next week).

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