Wireshark File Import
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Author:  gianluca.costa [ Thu Sep 23, 2010 5:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Wireshark File Import

Hi Mongoose,
in your pcap it is used a protocol named radiotap, this protocol is not part of Xplico.
The solution is: develop a dissector to manage radiotap protocol.
In attach you can find this dissector.

Installation step:
  • copy radiotap (dir) in dissectors directory from main directory of Xplico source code
  • add to dissectors/Makefile file at the end of line 29
     SUBDIRS += ieee80211 llc fbwchat telnet webmail httpfd rtp sip rtcp
    the word radiotap, ie:
     SUBDIRS += ieee80211 llc fbwchat telnet webmail httpfd rtp sip rtcp radiotap
  • add to all configuration file of xplico (config/xplico_*) the line:
    MODULE=dis_radiotap.so    LOG=FEWITDS
  • execute: make clean
  • install xplico

alternatively wait for the release of version 0.6.0


Author:  Mongoose [ Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Wireshark File Import

I will try the "patch", that is also the same problem I have with Ettercap, does not like the headers. I am very good on wired LANs, and just starting into WiFi and thought WiFi was going to be a snap, for me it seems wired is much eaiser.

if you are looking for people to try out .6.0 let me know, I am running BT4 with the latest repos, and using an Alfa 36H USB adapter. I can really play with it in a lot of enviornments too, I can play on my work LAN and have access to 3 public WiFi spots with no WEP or WPA, but I know of places here if I talk to the Admins they will let me on their network.

Thanks a million Carlos!


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